It is time to go fishing.  The dry fly game is on.  Big fish are rising, and we are having some amazing days here on the Yakima River.

Cutty.jpgI would go into the details but lets just say, throw something big and golden and they are gonna eat it.  The past two days we have had big numbers, big fish, and lots of fun.  The weather is good, the flows are good, the water temps are good, everything is good.  Lots of action, with anglers literally getting tired of catching fish.  The Yakima River is showing her true colors right now and its only getting better.

BigFish6.jpgI have availability in June and the hatches are just starting.  We have golden stone and yellow sallie’s starting.  Drakes are soon to come, and caddis are returning with the heat.  We are also seeing PMD hatches shift to the morning.  The stonefly dry game the past two days has been amazing between 1-4 pm.  Just slaying them.  The nymphs are also working all morning long.  Big golden stone nymphs and a purple pheasant tail or prince has been getting it done.  We have been fishing around 5-6 feet deep here in the upper.  Streamers are also working.

I have had the privilege of being very busy guiding the river the past few weeks and the fishing has been damn near perfect.  This season is shaping up to be a really good one.  There are a lot of healthy big fish that are eager to play with anglers.  We have had a lot of fish jumping, running line, playing anglers, and making for some really fun days here on the Yakima River.

I have dates open but they are filling up fast.  Full Day Trips are $350.00 for 2 Anglers with Lunch.  I’ve got half day rates and walk and wade rates as well.  The overnight trips are ready to go, and the Teanaway River opens on the 4th of June.



Give me a call, get on the calendar, and lets go chase some trout.  It is just bonkers right now.


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