It’s is here!

Quick update, I know it’s been a while everyone. But spring is finally coming to the river. It’s been a long cold and snow filled winter but it’s finally coming to an end. 

The upper river is still 7-10 days out with the current state of access points. But the LC and Farmlands are open and with the forecast this next week the melt should really ramp up, and so should the fishing. Overnight lows are still on the mid to high 20’s for 10 more days but daytime highs are upper 40’s. So it’s starting. 

Fishing will start to pick up over the next 10 days and I expect us to be in full swing by the.  BWO’s and Skwallas should be popping in the lower river by then. 

So now is the time to start looking at possible dates. Runoff will be a major factor this season so make sure you call ahead and get a condition report. I’ll be posting them daily on the FB and Instagram feeds and try and throw up reports here every few days. 

Skwalla Special is running through the month and into April so get in on some spring fishing at a good price. 

It’s the 2017 Trout Season…Let’s go chase ’em. 


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