Spring is Here

Flood Advisory in effect, reports of flooding already coming in. It’s raining off and on pretty hard. And the LC doubled its cfs overnight. It’s here!  

The upper stretches are starting to swell as the small creeks and tribs start their annual thaw. Spring has come to the river. We have overnight lows above freezing, warm days, rain and wind. Awww ya!
The river flow forecast calls for typical runnoff conditions with large swells and dips in cfs. Once the upper small creeks above the Teanaway melt out, which is relatively quick, the upper river will be in shape for the spring. I’ll be floating it this next week. I’ll be doing a riverside run report tomorrow and I’ll check the Teanaway. But the Teanaway rose just over 200cfs last night and I expect that to increase dramatically over the next 7-10 days. Last year we saw nearly 10,000 cfs come out of the Teanaway…there’s more snow this time of year than last. Snotel sites report 104% for the upper basin and 106% of average for the lower. We’ve got snow to melt. 
The river is gonna get funky, and then it’s gonna get wicked fun. Bugs will be poppin’ fish will be slurping’, and we’ll be chasing ’em!  
Here we go! Trout Yo Self 2017!


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