Hot Water Temps and Fishing.

Urgent: I will be suspending my guide operations this week and into the 13th. Water temperatures in the main stem Yakima River between Cle Elum and Roza Dam are hitting 66-70 degrees by the afternoon.

My cut off point for fishing is 65 degree water temp. With the increased heat and water temperatures not being able to cool overnight fish aren’t getting a break. Until the water temps drop back to suitable levels for fishing I will be halting guiding and fishing until the air and water temperatures drop back to levels that are less stressful for trout.

I will start guiding once the temps drop back down. Trips currently on the schedule are still a go. If your trip could be affected by the hot water temps you will receive an email discussing options.

If you do plan on fishing I suggest taking water temps, playing fish on heavy tippet, keep fish wet as much as possible, fish in the morning,and consider ceasing fishing when water temps hit 65 degrees.


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