Camp Notes: 2

Things are finally turning to spring. Finally it feels like the winter has loosened its grip. It’s the birds. They’re what finally gave it away. They are noisy…and twitterpated. Which means spring is here.

There are other things, just in the past few days, despite the feet of snow at their base, the conifer trees smell, as if they’ve woken up brushing off the snow and soaking in the warm sun. The ice is gone, its warmer at night past dark, the bugs are starting to hatch, the wildlife wakes up, and the fish…they are moving, staging, preparing for what is coming. Warmer weather means runoff, what starts the annual spring season more for a fish than a surge of dirty, food filled, nutrient rich, cold water. Then the spawn will be on a troots mind.

Things are changing, I love watching the transition and being a part of it. The skwallas will be in full swing next week. BWO’s are already hatching, and steamer fishing is still pretty good. As things continue to warm these fish are really going to turn on. I also expect the dry fly fishing to pick up here in the next week considerably.

Time to book a trip. Even with the runoff headed our way as long as it doesnt go to zero visibility the fishing should be good.



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