The blur.

The Blur. It’s what happens you fish consecutive days, typically for me after about 5 days in a row. It’s when you lose track of days and only really tell days and time with trout and how the river changes throughout the day.

When you fish for a few weeks straight a few things happen during the blur. There are fish…lots of fish. Some with clients, some with friends, and others solo. I constantly seek that adrenaline kick, that flutter of the heart, the tightening of the jaw, the feel of trout thrashing its head against me. I am in search if that for clients and friends and fellow anglers and put my everything to share that experience with them.

The blur is just those moments stacked on top of each other. Day after day. Trial and error, searching, hunting, deciphering, and relaying that information out into the angling community.

The world apart from the river starts to melt away and you become a part of it all. You feel it. Sense it, it talks to you. The trees sway and tell of the wind, the. IRS twitterpated and full of song, looking for spring insects and mates. The bugs, they start to flop and flap about, some dainty others robust and menacing. And the trout…they wake up, they move, they react, and they eat.

The blur is just that…a time frame that is just the river life. The goal is keep it going as long as possible throughout the season. Taking those breaks later in the year to curb burnout, which rarely becomes an issue for me. I want more, I want that blur to continue. I embrace it, the routine the river puts you on, the schedule the trout start to follow, and the angler…trying to fit themselves into that world of rivers and trout.

See ya riverside during the blur anglers.



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