St. Joe Day 5 and final thoughts.

I’m left wanting more. A feeling that has been subdued by years on the Yakima River. The opportunity to spend 5 days of fishing and floating was a treat itself but being able to guide it; that still makes me smile ear to ear. Especially after seeing the river, meeting its fish, some of the people who call it home, and a few of the anglers that frequent its banks.

I felt more welcomed than ever on the St. Joe, not only did the river make me want to come back for years but so did the people. Heartfelt, warm, people who were more interested in the loud colorful bearded individual that invaded thier river with his big beard, big boat, and big loud voice echoing down the water. People were eager to hear my feelings on the river, my story, what brought me here. And I the same to them. This life inteoduces you to so many different types of people but we all share that love of moving water and wild and natural places.

The fishing on day 5 was superb as well. With some funkiness we decided to see if fish would come up for skwallas in the skwalla dry water. They did and I have never seen so many quality, healthy, absolutley gorgeous westlope cutthroat in a single day of chucking dries. The river is simply amazing. It enco is passes every facet of the word.

I am so fortunate to be part of the crew at Whitepine Outfitters and have this lifetime of an opportunity to guide the pristine, wild, freestone, St. Joe River in Northern Idaho.

I cant wait to get started and enjoy and share the river with others. I am so stoked to be guiding two amazing rivers that will give anglers to incredible fly fishing experiences.

See you riverside…on the Joe or the Yak.



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