The Spring

The spring is always a crapshoot when it comes to fishing. It’s all about consistency with fly fishing and the spring is anything but. It can reward those who put in the work and have the patience but it can also hand your ass to you all day.

We have the winds now. I’ve got the tent buttoned down so I dont blow away tonight. The weather can never seem to make up its mind this time of year. Its supposed to snow tonight.

Fishing in the spring can be misery filled, but it can also introduce the adventurous and determined angler to some amazing trout.

Big fish eat in the spring. The water is also wicked cold, and trout, especially of the rainbow variety, fight very hard in the spring. They play for keeps out here on the Yak.

There is a lot about the spring I love. The cooler weather and mayfly fishing. The rain, when it’s not incessant. The showers perk up the trout and the bugs. The trees are budding, the scent of pine is carried on the breeze. The river is emerald, the fish colored up like neon signs. The deer and elk are frequent, as are the eagles, geese and ducks. The swallows are here, skating and dancing along the river surface.

The days are slower, the starts later, river time is leisure in the spring. The campfires are warm and much appreciated on the damp cold nights. The waders have that well worn smell, I’ve fished for almost 6 weeks straight. Only a handful of days where I didn’t have a rod in my hand or my oars fanning the current off the boat.

I miss my family though. I am looking forward to some time off with them. However I am eager to get going on this summer season. I crave the blur of just days of guiding and fishing, only thing separating them are the people and the two rivers I get to share with them this year.

I have one week left here for the spring on the Yak before heading home until May. Come share it with me on a guided trip and see for yourself. Maybe catch a big trout. Definitely have a wicked awesome time.



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