This gig can get a little distracting. Not the fishing…but the bullshit…and I’ll be the first to admit that I succumb to drama from time to time. A little confrontation means you’re doing something right. Its competition, and when you’re doing a good job there is gonna be drama that follows. The trick is to stay above it. Just do you and let others be asshats. Stand your ground, make your point professionally, and move on down river. I never engage riverside, I just pull over and let the drama pass me by. I’ll talk and blog about the things that come my way, make my opinion known, and move on. I’m in this gig to share fly fishing with anglers and enjoy wild places and the fish that live in them.

I just dont have time to get into Twitter spats and messenger and PM arguments. Thanks for the comment and the input, I’ll take it into consideration, and move on. I never engage in drama riverside. Theres no place for it, I follow standard river ethics and just run my boat.

Focus, on the task at hand, not being the best, the busiest, the loudest, catch the most fish, nope…none of that…all I’m after is doing my best each guide day so that my clients have the best possible experience riverside. No matter what the day throws at us.

So to those that have commented, said things, and all that drama that seems to seep out of the guide community on my homewater….you keep doing you, I’ll do me and we can just leave it at that. I’ve got more important things to focus on…like clients and reading water, and tricking trout. This gig is all about that and that’s where my attention will focus. Taking some time off makes that more apparent.

So I’ll make my posts, take my photos, blog my thoughts, show my clients super awesome times, catch a few fish, and live that river life. It’s been working just fine the past 4 seasons, and at some point you just have to focus on the river, fish, and clients, and let haters hate and move on down to the next bend.



One thought on “Focus

  1. Hey Nate, there will always be haters and critical folks looking for a way to tell everyone around them what they’re doing wrong. Small people with really fragile egos and really weak self images. People with no life of their own.

    You’re way better than that and I appreciate the way you’re who you are not who some other person believes you should be. Be true to yourself and keep charging. Have a great season.

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