Rest, reflection, down time.

So I’m here at home with my family for 10 days. It’s been 53 days since I’ve seen any of them. Which was a long time, longest I’ve been away from them. So that had its ups and downs. Luckily I have trout to occupy the mind.

After spending almost the entire 53 days outside a few things come to mind being back at home. First, the quiet…I miss it. So many evenings and days where there is nothing but the sounds of river life around you. Here at home the sounds of cars and trucks driving by, sirens, people; things I forget about when riverside. Sleeping…sleeping indoors sucks. After so much time sleeping outside, in the cool air, the quiet, and let’s face it my roof top tent is wicked comfortable…I don’t sleep so well inside 4 traditional walls. I find myself restless, but that’s also because I’ve been active and doing something physical and mentally straining each day. Now I’m sedentary and my body and mind doesn’t like it. Even my lady notices it. I’m aloof, slightly out of place here because my mind and body are elsewhere. They are still on the Yak and Joe.

I missed the sound of my children so much. My boisterous eldest, my shrieking son, and my giggly youngest. I’ll tell you watching my 5 year old blow bubbles for two hours yesterday was some of the best two hours I’ve ever had. My children are happy, and that’s all the reassurance I need as a father. Yes we miss each other, but they see me happy doing what I love. Even though they are young, learning the life lesson of doing what makes you happy and finding a good balance with family, yourself, and work is one of the most important.

I missed my lady. The sounds of her snoring next to me are about the only comfort I have sleeping inside. Her smile warms me more than the morning sun after a frigid night. Putting my hands on her skin is better than being fireside. Time away makes you appreciate and notice all the things…all the things. Still to this day I can’t believe the women who chose me and is my partner in this life. She is the best woman I know and really…she gets me…the trout, the guiding, the solo time, the addiction to the outdoors and tricking fish with flies and how it completely involves me…she gets me.

I do feel that anxiousness of wanting to get back. Feel like I’m missing out. And I am, but it is a worthwhile respite from the river before things really ramp up for the season. My family won’t want me to leave, but I’ll be torn between the two…and I usually find myself knee deep in a river eventually anyway.

I do dig the indoor showers though, while I don’t mind pooping in the woods as I have vast experience in back country poops, the outdoor showers aren’t the greatest in the early season. Bit chilly. However I do feel slightly claustrophobic inside, especially a small bathroom…one of those weird things you notice after being outside a lot.

The spring was fun, always want more trips and more fish but you get what the river gives you and you make it work. Exploring new waters, ruffling some feathers, getting a new guide gig on a new river in a new state, that shit was dope and I’m super stoked. The Yak, like she always is, predictably inconsistent, with ridiculously persnickety trout. Challenging and rewarding wrapped up with a big bow of frustration…mmmm…I do love the Yakima River. I really can’t wait to get back.

Summer trips are already starting to book up on both rivers. Plus bass fishing will ramp up, it’s just gonna be a good season of chasin fish no matter where I’m at. Come get some…



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