Rollover accident on the Joe.

Yep, I was in a roll over into the St. Joe river due to deers on the road. It sucked. My truck and trailer are totalled. Boat is doing alright. We’ve got parts coming to fix her up. Already in the process of getting a new rig and trailer. Have temporary stuff until then. Fly rods and reels are being sent in for warranty this week. Thank you to everyone for your support. The best way you can help me…is to book trips on the Yakima or St. Joe Rivers through October.

The fishing is always amazing, its my favorite time of year to guide, and if you’re gonna give me money to help out it might as well be for a trip. So book a trip, a lesson, sign up for a clinic, walk and wade, halfer, full what have you. I just wanna get back to work and doing what I love. Trips are how things keep going and things get replaced, bills paid, and kids fed. Thank you to everyone. I’m slowly getting to everyone who has reached out.

Thank you and I’m sure there will be more details and posts about it and so much more from this season. Just wicked busy with guiding. Stay safe, wear your seat belt always, drive the speed limits, don’t drive intoxicated, and watch out for wildlife. It can be a real bitch otherwise. I got super lucky people, really lucky that I wasn’t injured and walked away with only stuff and things broken and damaged.

See you Riverside.



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