Checked Out

I spent the past week dinking around on the westside and the OP. I needed to get outta town. I have been looking at the Yakima since September non stop it feels like. I have also settled into this new life I have a little and was stir crazy but didn’t really want to fish. I enjoy driving and seeing things. I even enjoy driving at night. And since my accident it has taken me a bit to get back into driving without anxiety. A little face your fear kinda thing driving on that side of the state. Holy hell. But 101 up the south sound and up through Port Angeles is fucken gorgeous and has way less traffic and is mostly 55 mph which is totally my speed. Not 84 like everyone on the damn freeway. Shit people slow down. I did drive by a lot of wicked accidents in all that rain…just slow down. Srsly. Anyway.

So driving is much easier.

I also just needed to recconect with a few people. Not being with my kids sucks, so surrounding myself with good people that have kept an eye on me and have been there for me seemed appropriate. I am kind of a bum right now and just needed a check out and river peeps understand that best.

Change of scenery, unplugging from fishing, and kind of taking a big breath before the cold sets in. Also setting up fishing plans on the OP when things start rolling is in the works. It takes me a bit to settle especially after this season. Even my roomate and fishing partner is getting anxious and stir crazy. Trout bums, dirtbags, guides, river rats, and ski bums alike know all about the off season woes. I have some experience with the offseason, but this one will be the first of many, much different off seasons. So filling time with new adventures, expanding business, making time for my kids when feasable, but also to keep myself from just sitting and wasting the winter away watching netflix stuffing munchies in my face. So stay moving and chase fish.

So I checked out and thought shit out while being around good people and cool places. Back to it anglers…off season is here.

See ya riverside on the warm days anglers.



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