Off Season Settling

The season has finally come to a halt for me. It is cold, fish are on the slow drop to hibernation, and my body is tired. I spent a lot of time riverside this year. My second busiest year in 5.

I have lost more weight this season. I am also in really good shape post trout chasing. But I can feel physically, that I did a lot with my body this year. Couple that with my car accidnet and broken finger both of which I could feel ware my body more this summer and fall…and I am ready to just make myself sit still for a bit and let everything rest. The snow will be here soon…and I will go outside and play in it.

Things are slow here in Roslyn. A pace I am familiar with during the cold months. I do miss my children, but I will see them soon enough. Trying to figure out what to do with myself with time I didn’t think I would have has been interesting and anxiety filled. I have good friends that have gone out of their way to help me through this rapid though. The best part of the river is through and around the bend.

I tie, and as the off season really setttles in I become more obsessed with it. I am still not there yet…it was a busy year and a crazy end so fishing and work stuff in general has little appeal. I read a lot, spend most mornings filling my brain with the things I don’t have time to absorb when troot are on it. Not much of a tv guy or sports. I do listen to a lot of music. I have spent time researching redfish, southern salt water fishing, new flies, I am into a few podcasts, and I have watched some of the YouTube’s. I also have spent a lot of time reading up on the current sitution with our salmon steelhead fisheries here in the PNW. Looking at scientific research, new findings, from multiple viewpoints and sources. While I may have taken a step back from volunteer hours I am still constantly updating myself with the issues our fishieries, wildlife, and industry are facing.

The slower pace is welcome. The season is a constant flow of people, energy, adrenaline, physical and mental labor, and I keep it up at a non stop pace for the most part. Constant stimulation. Waking with the river, plugged in and constantly adjusting and fine tuning. My eyes are tired from looking at moving water and tiny flies. Off at dark and back at it again. So I will take some time for respite.

I know that call and pull outward will hit me soon. I cannot sit still for long. I will crave adventure and new experiences, personally, professionally, and angling wise before long. I do enjoy solitude and have the ability to seek it out this time of year. With how many people I interact with in this gig, I enjoy not having to be a people person a little bit. Just check out. When I am guiding its one side of me so to speak…not a character…its a huge part of who I am and its organic my energy. Off river…I am quite a bit different. Being here in Roslyn I see a lot of clients and fellow anglers that have noticed. I tend to keep to myself more, not into large groups or loud places, just a lot quieter…like hibernating I guess.

I find that the off season is more for reflection and connection with those people who are closest to you. I have a lot to reflect on. I also have time to connect with those people who I hold dear. I also have new paths laid out in front of me with my personal and professional life that I can venture down. Staying on a positive and forward thinking path with my off river and on river life.

I feel like I have made it through the hardest water on this stretch of river. Still some rollers and rocks to set lines on…that technical shit I like to row. But you have to get through the sporty stuff for the really good water…

See ya riverside on the warm days anglers.



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