Hey Anglers,

Its kind of wintery out there. But things start to spring back up this next week. That being said:

We have the virus. Those of us that can practice social distancing are. I am staying out of public places, prepping all food for trips at home in a clean space, and keeping the truck clean. I am still running trips. If more travel restrictions come I will address trips accordingly.

If you have booked a trip this spring and would prefer to reshcedule for later in the season I can easily accommodate that. If you are sick or feel you may have come in contact with someone who is sick please stay home and reachedule. Fish will still be there in a month or two. Many clients have children that are now at home, some work in our healthcare, others have to take time off or away from work. This will be a struggle for many. I have cancelled my kids spring break visit to be safe. I have already moved trips. Its a normal thing in the spring, usually due to weather and runoff but something my business was prepared for.

I will still be fishing and facilitating that stress relief. Running trips and putting up reports. If you are healthy come on out. Fishing and outdoor recreation is a great way to still enjoy social distancing. Fresh air and some trout never hurt anybody.

Some things I am doing in the boat until the situation changes.

Prepped lunches that are individually spilt up for everyone in clean containers.

All fly rods and reels are sprayed with cleaner after each day.

I reccomend anglers bring their own gear if they have it.

Rig cleaned and wiped down after every trip.

No handshakes or high fives…which really sucks but is an easy one. Elbow bumps and foot taps anglers.

If things change with operations or trips I will update. Thank you to everyone, keep practicing social distancing, wash your hands, stay home if you’re sick, fish if you can, thank a healthcare worker, and I hope to see ya riverside.



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