Well…I have had a hard time writing a blog lately. Reasons are pretty obvious with the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic.

Its been a scramble for us all. And this blog is not about the virus but what it is causing. I see it here in my community. People coming together, doing what is necessary to for their neighbors, friends, family, fellow citizens, our children, and our elderly. Doing all the stuff and the things to combat this crazy moment in our lives.

This is unlike anything any generation alive on this planet has seen. The upheaval and change it will cause will rival the aftermath of world wars and previous pandemics. But the question is who will be when it is all over?

Sure this pandemic is showing all our faults, inadequacy, and our instabilities. But this is a country of people and I still put the faith I do have in people…and science. This will show us who we really are. It already is.

Many of us are in this limbo state. And it sucks, it’s stressful, and this event is going test us all. There is a lot of negative out there. But there doesn’t have to be.

The world is quieter now. Like the planet is taking a big breath and we all should do the same. There isn’t a lot we can control right now. We can’t magically cure this, we can’t wish the economy back, and we can’t just keep on going about our days like always. Take this time to focus on what you can control.

Time with loved ones. Something I am unable to do as I am away from my kids until this is over. Many of us are at home with our families and may be for the foressebale future. Take this time to enjoy each other’s company and feel that love that you have for people. Talk, listen, be with each other.

For someone like me, I just fish. Its all I can do besides tie flies and mope around. Luckily I have conditioned my patience so a few more weeks of offseason isn’t anything new. The spring is always a crapshoot, this one is no different. I have a few close friends that I have enjoyed acceptable social distancing activities with. I spent the whole off season dealing with lonliness I can handle it.

During this pandemic I have also met new interesting people. People that add to my life. People I may not have encountered otherwise. Last night is a perfect example. Normally after fishing I would typically have a soda and something to eat at the local pub, talk fish with friends, maybe go dancing with my yoga pals, things that don’t revolve around the river.

But Friday this week was a fishy day with my fishing partner and best friend. We have both been staying in place and avoiding groups of more than 10. Fishing is pretty safe as long as everyonr is healthy and is adhering to the social distance rules off river as well as on. It was a busy day on the river but fun.

Afterwards I decided to go home early and isolate for the rest of the evening Before I could settle in I got a text to come hang out and watch the stars. From a fellow angler and guide I met the day before. Sometimes you just meet a river peep and it clicks. Energies mesh, fish are caught, and that experience is shared. You learn a lot about a person when fishing with them.

So to get a text from someone I barely know to come hang out… normally I would just ignore it but during this craziness…all we really have is that connection to each other. So I went. Sitting around a campfire plenty of feet apart with 2 other people, talking, laughing, and watching and photographing the stars seems like an okay way to spend an evening during a pandemic.

I take looking at the stars for granted. To have two people who don’t get the chance to see the night sky with no light pollution be amazed and awed by the stars at night here on the Yakima was just the kind of medicine needed.

During this WTF time, remember your neighbors, that little old lady down the block, the single mom struggling to keep her kids entertained while keeping the stress at bay from paying the rent and when or if work will start back up. To the nurse that hasn’t slept in 2 days and ran out of masks 3 days ago and is still going to work. The business man that moved to this country 30 years ago and happens to have parents from south east asia and is dealing with unwarranted racism while trying to keep his business afloat, his employees paid, and his family taken care of. Think about the people. Talk to each other, connect with those you see walking the trail or river that you haven’t seen before. Say hello, smile, stay 4-6 feet away, but connect on some way. Don’t be dicks. We have enough of that already right now.

We need this event to bring out the best in all of us. We have to be there for each other. Be there for people we haven’t even met and may never meet. This isn’t about the virus, or the economy, or who’s in charge and who’s to blame. This is about us. Its only ever been about us. So be the best of us.

Listen, be safe, try your damndest to be nice but always be kind. I will see you on the other side anglers…riverside.


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