Pandemic Blog

Well…this sucks. I have had little to write about as there is no fishing because of fucken coronavirus. Yes its serious and I am not down playing it. But this still sucks and I am gonna complain about it.

The closures are the right call. And as new info comes out with COVID-19 and the spread of this nasty shit, more is being learned and its looking like it won’t be as horrible as previously thought with these social distancing measures.

That doesn’t negate the fact that I am going to lose roughly 1/4 of my annual income if not more. When the numbers jump over $10,000 I start to get anxious. Its a nasty hit that the whole guiding industry is feeling. Luckily its just me and I don’t have employees or a shop to worry about.

The isolation has finally started to get to me. I miss connecting with the river, my clients, the wild critters we chase. I crave the energy that charges me while riverside. My very being needs the outlet as the internal energy continues to build with no where to channel it.

The madness has start to set in. Absolute boredom which causes a lack of interest in doing anything. Suddenly 2 days have gone by and there is no sense of urgency or worry about it. Just a strange vibe all around. My boat is sad, and upset that she is stuck in the driveway. I tinker every other day on the boat…but there is no real push to finish things while in this fucken weird ass limbo.

I tie, but even that loses its appeal as I know I can’t go fish with said flies. I have orders and have chunked away at them as well…but I will be honest anglers…there just isn’t a lot of motivation right now. Lots of uncertainty and an inability to find solace, respite, and clarity through river, fly, rod, and trout…so my world is just…well…its just fucked right now.

With the prospect of not being able to fish or guide until May…possibly as late as Memorial Day…the stress compounds. And if it is later than that our industry as a whole will have a hard recovery. I have started the process of SBA stuff and will continue to work on that during the down time. A pesky little virus isn’t going to kill my career…I have weathered worse. Patience pays off.

I will have flies up for sale for when we get to fish again…summer bugs! I am offereing everyone who has booked a trip in the Spring first dibs on reacheduling for summer dates with no additonal charge for the trip. There is not much else to do except wait and hope the money doesn’t run out completely. There is a lot going on for not a lot happening….been down the last few days trying to wrap my head around it all…came up with nothing really. Just more waiting.

Couple of things to be positive about…the virus is bad…but not as bad as initially thought. We will go back to a new normal after this…a better one I hope…I hope everyone has been paying attention. The fish…can’t get sick…and they aren’t going anywhere. They are getting a break. They will be spawning soon and for once…they will have the river to themselves…so its hard to be upset about that.

Their world is still flowing while ours has come to a complete halt. It makes me respect the lifestyle I have. Missing it sucks but this time away gives me time to reflect and appreciate what I get to do for a living. And I will continue to chase fish in the beautiful and wild places they live. Just as soon as this shit is over.

Be safe, try and be nice, but always be kind, and wash your hands.

See ya riverside soon anglers.



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