Went for a walk

I saw the river yesterday. I took a walk, and may have ventured past a Closed sign or 2. With 2 weeks of islolation still left on the calendar and 6 weeks of work just gone when this hopefully will be somewhat over…I had to get out. There is good news in WA state on the Pandemic front and the projections for the COVID-19 impact change daily and are much less than originally predicted. There is hope anglers…we may have the opportunity to fish during the famous Yakima River Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch.

I could not sit any longer. I needed to see the river. To feel it, hear it. I saw fish, I heard birds and critters. I listened to the trees sing and the creek and river babble along in tune. Twas glorious.

The lack of connection to river and anglers is taking its toll. While many other anglers and guides are posting photos and lamenting online…I have just taken a step back and chilled the fuck out. Everything is out of my control so I stopped stressing about all that shit I can’t do anything about with the current situation.

Yes I am bummed that I can’t fish. But I can’t change it. Losing money…fuck yes…just like everyone else. Lots of money for my little guide operation. Lots. But I have survived worse in business and in life so I just shrug my shoulders and be patient. I will get back to it. I have gotten really good at skating and floating by and waiting for the river to provide. She has never failed me and I put what faith I do have in the river.

Its quiet, and I hope that when we come out of this we have learned something as a country, a people. While this has been going one our environment has been systematically beaten down through all sorts of backhanded shit when it comes to regulations, business and conservation.

Our economy tanked in a matter of days. The entire world has been put on pause. Might be time to rewind the tape and take a look at how we got here and why. Decide if this is the way we wish to continue?

I hope staying at home has been positive. Sharing time with loved ones is a luxury for some. Don’t take this time for granted. Many are alone and out of work with little contact. I am fortunate to have a few people in my life that have made this easier to bare.

But I have checked out. There is just nothing to report while shit is on pause. I tie, build a shit ton of legos, video games, and reading. I check in periodically with people and have plenty reach out.

Thank you to all my clients and angler peeps that have reached out and bought flies and trips. All I can ask is to reserve trips for summer and fall. We may be doing them in masks but hey…fish don’t care and the pictures will be something.

I will see you all riverside soon anglers. Really soon.



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