Tis the fucken season already!

Okay…so this closure is neccessary…and it is also evil. I am just saying. It fucken sucks and I have had it.

Okay. Rant over. Stupid coronavirus…

While I try desperately to avoid the news as its just one cluster after another…there is an absolute standstill on getting anywhere with a disaster relief loan or grant right now, and 3 months of the trout season are just about gone. Thousands lost, mentally unstable, and that stimulus check only goes so far and can’t stimulate much being locked down. I need to be stimulated…shit…ugh…meh.

So…we might get to fish by May 4th but don’t be to giddy. More then likely we will see another 10 to 14 days of lockdown or at least closures. I am guessing things will be brought back online one step at a time. Being completely non essential fly fishing and guiding is near the bottom of that list. There is also the added worry of the economy being total hot garbage for months after this, which doesn’t bode well for saving the season. Lots of stress on the business front. And more on the personal front.

As I don’t like to get into the off river stuff to much I just wanna iterate here…never let anyone make you feel bad or like a failure for chasing your passion and finding success through it. My job has been on hold for weeks. I make good money and am very good at my gig. But this shit put everything on pause and its not my fault. Paitience…the river will provide.

Anyway. Kinda all over the place. This isolation is getting to me fosho.

So we might get to fish by May 4th in time for the Mothers Day Caddis Bonanza. But more than likely we will be back to it by Memorial Day. Probably in masks. May only be running light halfer trips, and still doing all the cleanliness and washing stuff.

We will no longer be shaking hands or high fiving. Sorry anglers. Just gonna break that habit now. Elbow taps from here on out. So don’t be offended if I don’t shake your hand.

Look for dates in June through October. We will hopefully get 5 months of the season and it might be enough to get through this craptastic year. We can still save the season. Support how you can.

Those that have to reschedule…start picking your summer dates! Anyone waiting on refunds and returns please continue to be patient.

Thank you..

Tis the fucken season already…



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