Here we go.

Well…2020 is over. I can’t say it was the greatest. I had a lot of crap and a few good things happen. I’m glad its over and we are that much closer to the trout fishing of 2021 commencing.

As January starts off the countdown to the season starts. I usually start fishing a handful of days in January and when February rolls around its back to a few days a week and guiding starts in March typically. Probably earlier this season to get a jump start on making up for 2020. But before that happens it’s gotta snow.

The snow pack is starting to fill up. We have one of the largest bomb cyclone storms spinning in the Pacific right now. Its bringing some major weather systems our way setting up for some major snowfall in the highlands. We are expected to get nuked with snow this coming weekend.

As the snow pack starts to fill up and the extended forecasts and weather modeling comes out for the next 3 months the early season starts to show itself. What kind of spring run off events we will have, how warm or cold it will be. Starting to guess when water temps will start the warming trend. When bugs might start migrating and hatching. When the spawn might start. All these things and more start to become clearer as the snow falls, the science comes out, and my needy brain starts to plan and prep.

I want to be dialed in this season. And I am preparing for a busy busy year. I am already starting to take early season reservations. As the forecasts come in I will have a better handle on when things should start rolling. But anytime after March 15th and we are typically good, expect for the occasional high water stuff. Maybe bad weather but that’s spring fishing.

Big trout, pre and post spawny fish, bugs starting to hatch, salmon pulses kicking up baitfish getting the big fish to chase meat. Getting dialed back in, feeling the river and finally getting back to being riverside with clients. Still probably gonna be masked up for a bit, but we will be fishing!

Its been rough for the first half of the offseason. Fly sales are low, the craptasticness didn’t just dissappear, money still tight, but its the downhill side of it all. Booking trips early helps a lot. Its already starting. Those deposits make a big difference after 2020. I’m really looking forward to the season. Getting back into the groove, riverside with my regulars, and meeting new anglers and clients as the season progresses.

2020 is over and having a more positive and productive mindset for 2022 is how I am trying to start it out. Things are still tight and slow. But its gonna get better. Flies are for sale, be patient with me they will all get sent out soon. Spring trips are ready to be booked and have already started. If you reserve before February 15th I’m knocking 25 bucks off the trip price, which is basically the tax. So reserve early!

Bye 2020

Hope to see you all riverside safe and healthy. This pandemic is still not over but there seems to be some light coming up. Might be a train or the end of the tunnel. I’m going with the latter. I hope your 2021 starts off well. Books trips! See ya out there anglers!!!



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