The Month of Dries

It is the month of July. Which means the month of dries. One of the only months where you can get away with chucking a dry fly all day and trick the troots. It’s had already happened on the few trips already this month.

It’s the month of smorgasbord! Hoppers, ants, stoneflies, caddis, drakes, beetles, tricos, spinner fall, there are bugs to eat. Water temp is in the low to mid 50s unlike most other western rivers right now….we do not have hot water temps in the mainstem Yakima.

Fortunately for us we had decent snowpack and even with our past heat wave we still have water. The Teanaway and smaller trib streams are starting their summer drop and warm up but the mainstem Yak will be just fine all summer.

The evening floats are pushing out some chonker trout. Early AM floats as well. We aren’t fishing the middle of the day as much but they will eat basically all day now.

Flows are up, which means the treadmill is on for these fish. It’s work our time. Big flows, big bugs, big eats! The fish are now pushed into the banks with the heavy flows. With the water temps hovering in that prime trout feeding zone: 50 to 55 we are in business for a bitchen July and August.

I invite new anglers to come in the summer. The water is big and can be overwhelming but my boat and I will get ya over that really quick. The new or inexperienced angler is at the advantage in the summer. Trout gotta eat, they are easier to find, and it makes them a little more inclined for the new angler with everything cranked up to 11. Plus it’s mostly if not all dry fly fishing. I’ll show ya how to do the other techniques, and we will catch fish on them. But we mostly go for the dry eat this time of year. It really fun.

I have lots of opening in July. I’ll be out of town from the 14 to the 17 but we are wide open otherwise.

I will also be adding the Methow river in August for floats which is new this season so if that interests you keep am eye our for those dates as they will be run like a camp. I’m up there. You meet me there to fish!

Coming up this week I have the 8th, 9th, 11th open. 12th and 13th are free as well. I highly reccomend the morning or evening half day floats.

This season has been great. We are close to 100 trips and hope to break 130 which is double last year during covid. I can’t thank everyone enough for the continued support. 7 years full time guiding. Lets fill up the rest of the summer and chase trout anglers! Reserve a trip today and get in on the summer action here on the Yakima River.

See ya riverside anglers.



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