Hopper Season

The summer is going strong. Things are hot, places are on fire, it’s the new norm. After a bust of a trip to the St. Joe and then again on the Methow due to fires we ended up fishing Cooper Lake. It was wicked getting to see some Browns and having Alec get his first one and a doozy at that.

Now camping is closed off, day use is still allowed which means we can fish. The summer has been weird post covid and now this fire shit again, plus the fly fishing industry still reeling from the pandemic now has drought, low water, and hot water issues all over the west. I feel for my guide counterparts in other places having to combat the effects of AG and climate change. Frontline of it.

Here on the Yakima we are fairing well. We had decent snowpack and made it through the heat waves with enough water in the reservoirs to get us through. This season. I feel that every year there will be more fires, more heat waves, less precip, it’s not always the easiest to stay positive. It’s supposed to get easier post pandemic…right?

Thankfully we can fish. And it’s busy but not as busy as it could be. I can always work more. It’s rarely enough. So bring it on. It’s hopper season.

We’ve been chucking big bugs for a minute now but it’s really good in the mornings and evenings. Big flies, big slurpy and slappy trout. Heavy flows, water under 60 degree, it’s dope out there. We are getting away with dries almost all day. A few sections of river I have clients bobber dog streamers and we’ve been booking CHONKER DONKEY Trout. It’s been a blast.

I had days open this week so get on the calendar and lots of stuff open in August. The fall season…the best season…is right around the corner. Get on it!

See ya riverside anglers.



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