Last days of Fishtober!

The end of the regular trout season is upon us. The last weeks of Fishtober are here. It’s been a great season with way more trips than I was expecting. Lots of things happening and changing the past two season with more to come.

The last remaining dates for October are up for grabs. I will be guiding through the winter teaching and guiding single hand spey and trout spey winter swinging this off season. We will also be ramping up fly tying with a goal to sell $10,000 worth of flies this winter to help start moving business forward and hopefully down south next off season!

Last dates: 15th 19th 21st and the 25th thru the 30th anglers. That’s it.

Winter Trips are open through January 1st.

Your support and patronage are always greatly appreciated and I can’t thank everyone enough for coming out and making this 7th season a really good one.

See ya riverside anglers.



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