The Haul

The off season has become pretty familiar to me and after 2020 being one giant one I’ve gotten used to the cabin fever and the boredom. Still hate it but I’m less bothered by it.

The numbers from the 2021 season were really good. Worked almost all of my trips through my own service, did under 2 dozen for other outfits, and broke 150 trips so I can’t complain. Especially after the 2020 season, ugh. My client roster grew, we hooked into like 3000 plus trout between all the trips, stupid good dry fly fishing, and the river made it through a hot summer without anything determintal happening. Damn fine season.

Now the grind to February is here. It’s a haul. I’m tying, but its pretty light this winter. I still have a goal to sell a good 2000 flies or so, but if it doesn’t happen that’s cool too. I’m already booking trips for the 2022 season, which I’ve never booked out this early. It’s exciting to be moving forward after being in covid stasis. And while winters are always slow and tight, it’s a little easier knowing what is coming when the thaw starts.

I’ve been keeping to myself this winter. I’ve got an off river life I am pretty into. Spending time with my girlfriend and getting ready for the Holidays. I haven’t fished in a month and don’t plan to for a few more weeks. I’ll start swinging in January.

The offseason can be slow. I’m accustomed to it after 7 seasons. But I’m just kinda checked out. It was busy and it went fast last year so I’m enjoying my down time even if it’s a little slower than what I prefer. I need it, body and mind need it. Especially since next season is shaping up to be busier. Preparing mentally and physically as I come out of December will be when things start to shift back to work mode.

I know it’s been a minute since I blogged. I’m slowly coming back into it now. Flies are for sale, trips, gift certificates. I’ve got a special for reservations running through January 15th. Book a day and receive 15% off your balance. It’s pretty sweet. Saves ya a little and gets ya back on the water this coming season.

I’ll be posting blogs more regularly now. I’ve got all sorts of things to write about after the 2021 season. Hope to see ya riverside after the new year anglers.



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