Winter Wonderland

Well the snows are here. And so is the holiday! It’s been a pretty normal and slow off season. I’ve been pretty hunkered down and only hit the river once since November.

I’ve been focused on off river stuff while also trying to keep the interest going for next season. The 2022 season is booking up quicker than any previous year. It’s exciting and I’m stoked. As of today it’s only 8 weeks until skwallas start migrating and possibly hatching. Awwww ya!

I’m grateful for those booking early. It makes the off season go a little smoother. It’s always a little tight in the winter and there’s still recovery happening from covid on the business side of things. 18 months of crap means there’s still some catch up. Slowly but surely. The trick is to not get down and just keep putting the work in.

I headed to Idaho tomorrow. Girlfriend and I are picking up kids and spending Christmas with them. It’s been since the summer with all the craziness this year. I think finally, 2022 will give me some semblance of normal…maybe.

The winter snows have hit the highlands. The snowpack is settling in and it looks like we are gonna have plenty of water for the summer. Stoke gets a little higher each day as we come closer to things turning over.

I’m starting trips in January this season. With 3 on the calendar already…going after those big bows on the swing and trout spey anglers. And the skwaala hatch in late February and into March is starting to get days. So the stoke is high with anglers too!

I hope to see ya riverside after the new year. It’s going to be a good season anglers. I feel it my trouty bones.

If you reserve a trip before January 15th for anytime in the 2022 season I will knock 15% off! Pretty sweet! Flies are also for sale until March 15th so get your orders in soon before I stop production tying and just tie for guiding.

Happy Christmas Anglers.



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