May is filling up!

The Month of May is here and with it the green in the trees, the smell of budding cotton woods, high green water, sunshine…and bugs.

Caddis are just getting started. Still a little cool for them but as the flows settle after this salmon pulse and the weather warms up even more it’s gonna be bonkers. We also have March Browns still going strong in the afternoon and the Salmonflies are already out and about and will become more prolific as the weather warms this month.

Dates are filling up for the summer. With May almost full June and July are ramping up to. For May I’ve only got the following dates open:

May 11th and 12th, 16th.

May 20th, 28th-31st.

Things are heating up anglers and the summer fishing is almost here. Get on the calendar today. Teanaway opens up at the end of the month and fishes through July!

Plus the boat is all done up pretty after its face lift down in Colorado…come check it out on a trip.

Reserve today! See ya riverside.


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