In it.

I can’t sit still. Haven’t been able to since I started hiking mountains for work. The guidelines suits me…as mine never stops. Today was one of those days. I have been off river for 3 whole days. Which doesn’t sound like a lot but when you’ve been on everyday for weeks straight it makes a difference. I bummed up my knees so took it easy, I had adult shit too do, and didn’t take care of all of per usual. Off river shit is me sitting still. I’m still all-over the place but I’m stuck in my car, dealing with people outside of clientele, and spending money that I don’t want to be. Adult shit.

Today I guided. One of my best, most frequent, and of course favorite clients. It wasn’t anything other than simple fishing amd great conversation. Lots of little trout, good looking water, my favorite flows this time of season, and no one else on the stretch we ran. Mmmm. Doesn’t matter the fishing that shit is priceless out here. I run Hanson and State more than any other float amd probably more than any other guide. It’s my favorite float no matter the time of year. I know it in my sleep. Every square inch of it. And it’s changed since the high water so it’s even juicier. I know how the fish move throughout the season, I known what they eat and where and why, it’s mother fucking dialed. Today was wicked fun but I wanted more.

So I did it again. Was back on water at 6 and fished till almost 10. Wanted to see if the big trout were up in the evening. They weren’t as much as I wanted. Which means they are full. Because they normally would eat like crazy against the high flows…but the water is almost 5 degrees colder than other seasons. I checked my journals and notes. So…they don’t have to eat as much. And the high summer sun is here and they fucken hate that sunshine on this river. So…if they are full…and they aren’t smacking shit in the shade during the day or tight to bank, and I’m not seeing them…they are cramming nymphs in thier gullets, and they are probably crushing shit in the early morning low light. It’s fucken time to get up early anglers.

I only get up early for 2 things…trout…and things not rated for blog posts. And getting 400 plus bucks to get up at the ass crack of dawn to be on water when big troots are slupring….ya…I’ll do that shit all summer long, then do it again at 3 to 10:30 pm. All damn day! Give me 12 plus hrs on water shit I’ll take 16. There’s enough light. Let’s go. Ever fished upper Alaska in the summer!? Ya let’s go anglers.

I’m on water early tomorrow. We’ll shall see if my mind is right.

See ya riverside anglers.


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