Summer Time Fishing

The summer is finally here…well kind of. Its finally sunny and warmer at least. The river is in shape and at normal summer flows. It fluctuates with irrigation but predictions charts show normal flows for the future. Snow is melting out of the highlands at a slow pace. And with more rain and cooler than average, or at least cooler than we are used to temps things are more fairly normal. It’s green, still wet, snow in places up high, and the rivers are colder than they have been at this time in a long time.

The big bugs are here. Golden stones and ants. We have summer caddis, there are pmds and Yellow Sally’s, and those pesky drakes are slowly percolating down there. Water temps have broke 50 and are holding below 55 degrees. It’s here anglers. They are eating. They are fat trout this season. Late spawning and lazy eating. With these colder temps and that big flush of water they are just full and fat. With 50 to 55 degree temps they are finally starting to eat more and more. But they are getting full and turning off periodically during the day and depending on what section you are in. It makes floating and working water more strategic for me as a guide. Timing and thr kind of water we are fishing become paramount to finding the kind of success I am after as a guide. It’s my jam. And with the new changes to the river and a different kind of summer in terms of flows, air, and water temps, and hatches experience and reading and working water is key.

Access this summer is a bitch. Not having bristol fucken sucks!!! And the County dragging its feet isn’t helping as we come into the busiest time of the season. Idiots. Outdoor recreation brings more people to and through kittitas county than anything else. Putting more effort into access and responsible management and practices with our public lands and rivers should be at the forefront of anyone who’s got any decision making power here. The Rodeo and other little events do not compare to the amount of people coming here for outdoor recreation constantly, and year round.

But I’ll work the river as best I can. This will be my last full time season here on the Yakima exclusively. I will bounce around more during the trout season next year. Guiding other rivers and states throughout the summer and focusing on the spring and fall here on the Yakima moving forward. Access and that shit is a factor for sure. But also my need for more and different.

Summer time is a wonderful time to fish here. We have lots of options. From hike in lakes, to small mountain streams and rivers, to the big water down on the Yak. Camping floats, half days, full days, multi boat floats, walk and wades are all open for booking. The big water trips get you out of the boat walking the side channels, chucking flies at the bank, swinging and nymphing runs amd boulder gardens, and getting explosive takes, high jumps, fast water runs, and barrel rolling, pucker inducing trout. You’ll see some of the coolest shit fish can do in thr summer. Some jumping 4 plus feet out of thr river! Others hitting the fastest current and peeling line 60 to 100 feet down water, only to turn around and come right back up it almost as fast. You’ll find the biggest and baddest fish eating and slurping early in the day and later into the evening.

Most days a big bug will get it done. But the summer allows for anglers to fish every kind of way you want and find fish. From streamers, to soft hackles, nymphing and big to little dries it’s all on the table. Days with me can be fast paced, filled with lots of hot swapping rigs and rods around. Try this streamer here, hey nymph this run, now chuck this big dry at that overhang. Run this little soft hackle at the tailout of that riffle, but after you’ve working the top end with the parachute mayfly dry. Here tumble this nymph through that bucket, and then work it into the boulders, now try a dry. It’s constant and it can all produce fish. Anglers can learn all sorts of ways and waters to find fish in the summer.

From the big water to the small there’s fish and ways to chase them. And summer time gives anglers lots of opportunities at fish. It’s great for beginners and seasoned anglers will get to see and fish some rad shit.

So lets go fishing. It’s summer time, the flows are wicked good, the weather is wonderful, and the season only lasts so long. July has weekend dates open: 10th, 16-17th, 24th and 30th-31st. With week days open in between. Come out for a trip. We also got bass we can chase in the Basin again now. Warm enough and they should be done spawning now.

Let’s get in anglers. I want to guide! Come on out and let’s chase some trout.

See ya riverside anglers,


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